Gun Oil Gun Cleaner and Rust Protectant


  • Odorless Food Grade Gun Cleaner and Lubricant.
  • Safe on wood stocks, polymers, plastics, cameo coatings Cerakote, gold inlays ,pets, human skin AND HEALTH.
  • Gun Cleaning Solvent, Lubricant, and Protectant. Leaves a film that repels dust/dirt and does not evaporate
  • Safe on Wood Stocks, Polymers, Plastics, Cameo Coatings Cerakote, Gold Inlays, Pets, Human Skin and Health.
  • Elba Gun Oil will not Freeze or Run. Best for Temperatures as Low as -63°F and as High as 400°F.
  • Best Bang for your Buck. Use as a Bore Cleaner, Rust Protectant and Lubricating Oil.
  • The Most Advanced Lubricant for Your Weapons. Under The Most Extreme Conditions.

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